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CHILDREN-FRIENDLY TOYS – TM TOYS motto guarantees the highest quality of the products and a lot of joy and fun for children.


TM Toys Sp. z o.o has been a distributor of toys in Poland since 1997. Up to 2006, the company operated as BRIO Poland and since December 2006 under the name of  TM Toys. The main office is located in Lastadia Office in Szczecin, the second office is located in a modern office complex – Oxygen Park in Warsaw.

In order to meet modern logistics needs and constantly improve the quality of deliveries of the products, TM Toys has changed the way of distribution. Since 2013 the company’s magazine has been moved to a modern distribution center – Arvato Bertelsmann in Plewiska, near Poznań, where it occupies 10 000 m2 of class A warehouse space.

Since the beginning of existence the company’s strategy is to distribute the best quality branded toys of recognized global manufacturers. TM Toys also specializes in licensed toys, i.e. those that represent characters from the most popular children’s movies, cartoons and comics.

Toys distributed by the company can be found in almost all hypermarket chains, SMYK stores, as well as in most toy stores in Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary. Concerned about safety and proper development of children, Toys TM ensures that the products have all the necessary testing and approvals, as well as conducts a tender selection process of matching toys with the appropriate age group and offers the best possible values ​​of fun and education. Products offered by the company repeatedly participated in competitions for toy manufacturers and won numerous awards both in Poland and abroad.



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